Matters integrates Optimism for content donation and curation to better support the creator economy

Matters integrates Optimism for content donation and curation to better support the creator economy

Mar 5, 2024
Matters Lab

Beginning March 5, 2024, Matters Town integrates into the Optimism ecosystem, providing creators with enhanced resources. The donation and curation on Matters will undergo migration from Polygon to Optimism, offering improved functionality and opportunities for creators.

Optimism is an Ethereum-based Layer 2 scaling solution that offers compatibility with Ethereum standards. It significantly improves transaction speed, reduces fees, and maintains high security. Optimism boasts a well-developed ecosystem with a range of established and integrated projects. These include Farcaster, a decentralized social protocol, the Coinbase-launched Base chain, and integration with the Gitcoin ecosystem. The OP Stack of Optimism enables applications to build their dedicated Layer 2, granting them increased autonomy and control.

The Optimism community is dedicated to promoting public goods and prioritizes decentralization. It is a highly democratic community that aligns with Matters Lab’s vision of establishing democratic mechanisms in the digital realm. After migration, Matters Lab will deepen its involvement in the Optimism ecosystem and digital democratic governance experiments.

What will be the impact of the migration to Optimism for Matters Town users? Compared to the Etheruem mainnet, Optimism offers faster transaction speeds and reduced gas fees, making it more user-friendly. In addition, users can engage in digital democratic experiments centered around Optimism through Matters Town. Optimism provides various funding projects, enabling creators to access additional resources. Previous donations made by Matters Town users on Polygon will remain unaffected, and users can continue utilizing the donation and curation feature by transitioning to Optimism.

Optimism implements mechanisms like Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) to reward public goods projects. The economic model Matters Lab will introduce this year is designed with the same spirit, and will distribute resources through a democratic curation process. This will enable creators of public content to receive rewards that have been traditionally lacking in Web2.

On the Optimism chain, Matters Town users can support creators using USDT. Previously, your support tipps the author and curates the content to the rest of the community. In the future, your support will be a vote, that drives matching donations and determines resource allocation. Creators will receive additional revenue based on your votes. Your donation will also allow the content to be discovered by any communities and applications that read from Optimism. This functional economic model on the Optimism chain using mechanisms such as Harberger Tax and Quadratic Voting will be launched soon.

The Optimism community holds immense potential for development, and Matters Town will be one of the earliest projects serving Chinese-speaking users to join this ecosystem. Building on this foundation, we will develop more promising applications and foster the growth of the creator economy in collaboration with creators around the world.