Discovering Connections in Nomadism: Matters Meet-up Events at Wamotopia Chiang Mai, Thailand

Discovering Connections in Nomadism: Matters Meet-up Events at Wamotopia Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dec 26, 2023
Matters Lab

Matters events : roundtable in Chiang Mai.

As 2023 drew to a close, the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand became the stage for a spontaneous pop-up tribe Wamotopia from December 16, 2023, to January 1, 2024: a manifestation of collective aspirations from Builders, Creators, Thinkers, and Dreamers. Matters Lab, being one of the community partner, were thrilled to gather the nomadic souls to join our 2 events: roundtables on responsible Nomadism and Open Mic sharing on December 26th.

Wamotopia in Chiang Mai: A New Chapter

In December 2023, Wamotopia in Chiang Mai marked a new chapter in the series of events. It was a testament to the community’s resilience and commitment. Matters Lab’s involvement elevated the discussions, focusing on nomadic responsibilities and local engagement.

WAMO is originally a symbol of traditional Dali culture, has evolved into an emblem of geek spirit in the digital era. Wamotopia emerged in the urban scape of Chiang Mai as a vibrant, diverse, and experimental public space, a cultural emergence of co-created theme camps. Significantly, Wamotopia marked a unique exploration of how Web3 could bring broader social value and meaning.

In Chiang Mai, a city known for its expatriate and diaspora communities, the conversations naturally gravitated towards topics of ‘expat living’ and ‘diaspora.’ This shift in focus was not just a coincidence but a reflection of the local context and the diverse backgrounds of the participants.

Adopting a CC0 consensus, Wamotopia was open to all without the need for permissions or fees, emphasizing decentralized participation, community involvement, freedom, and openness. This event continued the legacy of WAMO’s first theme camps in Dali in summer 2022, envisioning and building a prototype society of the future.

Matters.Town, a decentralized creator platform, has played a pivotal role in Wamotopia events. With a focus on digital nomadism and responsible living, Matters has contributed significantly to the discourse and organization of these gatherings, fostering a community of thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

In Chiang Mai, Matters demonstrated its capacity to adapt and engage with evolving themes, reflecting the dynamic nature of digital nomadism, web3 communities, and the realities of expat and diaspora life. This adaptability and responsiveness to the changing landscape of discussion topics not only enriched the event but also solidified Matters’ position as a versatile and inclusive platform for creative expression and community building.

Hub of Chinese-Speaking Communities and Topics In Focus

Wamotopia also gathers a spectrum of communities, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. Prominent among them were SeeDAO, Dali 706, 4Seas , Uncommons, LX DAO, Planker DAO, GCC , MuChiangMai, Dali NCC, and FAB DAO.

These diverse groups contributed to a rich array of discussions, covering topics including web3 public goods (highlighted by Planker, Uncommons), digital nomadism (a focus for Matters), the creator economy (a topic of interest for Uncommons), technical topics related to web3, explorations of freelance life, and spiritual inquiries. More information on these discussions can be found

“Nomad Matters”, Insightful Evening Celebrating Nomadic Spirits

Matters Lab is thrilled to have participated in a series of events with Wamotopia in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We lit up the hearth to welcome over 100 free-spirited souls to share their stories, discover connections, and talk genuinely about identity, adventure, and inner exploration, making it one of the most attended sessions at WAMO. These events are the incubators for exploring what it means to be a nomad in today’s world.  The two physical events in Nowhere Bookstore Chiang Mai delved into the necessities of a nomadic lifestyle from a community perspective.

One of our key events, the “Nomad Matters Project - A Deep Dive into Responsible Nomadism”, featured speakers like Zik from the 4Seas community, Baiyu, co-founder of SeeDAO, and Zhang Jieping, founder of Matters Lab and Nowhere Bookstore, who has been instrumental in linking communities through blockchain technology. The discussions reflect a diverse spectrum of experiences and insights into the nomadic lifestyle. All of them talked about their commitment to continuous creation and exploration of ideas and philosophies that was evident as they documented their journey and learnings on Matters.Town.

One participant vividly recounted, “The roundtable discussion organized by Matters was so popular that it filled the entire bookstore, with everyone attentively listening to and engaging in the discussions with the guests. Throughout the event, there was a deep focus from the audience, pondering the complexities and responsibilities of a nomadic lifestyle.”

The other standout event was the Nomad Open Mic Night on the night of the 26th. This collective storytelling provided a platform for nomads to share their most profound moments, from struggles to triumphs, using cryptocurrencies in their travels, and finding their identity on the road. Furthermore, the event facilitates deep conversations and fostering a positive discussion atmosphere.

Everyone started by using post-it to jot down points to uncover participants’ diverse backgrounds. Attendees felt they were being heard seriously, and many took photos of the posters created during the event. This event highlighted the community’s earnest engagement and deep contemplation on nomadic life’s perplexities. Indeed, the events addressed how nomads can find their footing and connect with local communities. The initiative highlighted the need for nomads to engage, produce, and contribute rather than merely consume.

An attendee shared their experience, “The session tonight attracted nearly 40 people, filling up the second floor of Nowhere Bookstore. It was very unique yet intimate to hear everyone’s journey through difficulties and uncertainties encountered during nomadic travels. A concept that emerged was ‘Home Port’ – a place where nomads return for rest and reassurance. Interestingly, the first answers were not places but airports and Asian supermarkets, highlighting a sense of familiarity. This unexpected response led to more layered discussions.”

Digital Nomads on Their Ways

Overall, these gatherings highlighted the essence of nomadism – a blend of freedom, responsibility, and community engagement, setting the stage for a future where nomadic life is more than a trend; it’s a conscious lifestyle choice.

This 17-day journey we had together in Chiang Mai was not just a celebration of the new year but a collective endeavor to envision and celebrate a future world, where the imagination and actions of its participants shaped the prototype of our collective future.

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