ZuSocial Hacker House Istanbul Opens Doors for 20 Hackers in Istanbul, Forging the Future of Decentralized Social

ZuSocial Hacker House Istanbul Opens Doors for 20 Hackers in Istanbul, Forging the Future of Decentralized Social

Oct 25, 2023
Matters Lab
  • A 2-week immersive hacker house experience. November 5th-19th, 2023 in Istanbul Turkey.

  • Open Call for 20 Hackers: Those accepted will enjoy 14 days of free accommodation, breakfast, and priority access to surrounding events. Apply at https://hackerhouse.social/

  • One day dedicated to the ZuConnect DeSocial track with multiple panel discussions, workshops, and lightning talks.

  • A demo day showcasing 4 distinctive tracks of development: On-chain Identity and Reputation, Users and Markets for Decentralized Social, Autonomous Social, All About Social Graph.

  • The event is co-hosted by community from Matters Lab, Mask Network, and Social Layer. For more details, visit the official website at https://www.hackerhouse.social/.

This digital society isn’t simply a blank slate awaiting design; it’s a dynamic arena where individual rights and institutional powers constantly vie for dominance, swaying between centralization and decentralization. Every online interaction places us in the midst of this silent struggle.

Pioneers of the next-generation internet have laid significant groundwork: federated networks bridging diverse communities, peer-to-peer protocols ensuring individual autonomy, and blockchains maintaining incorruptible relationships. We’ve been active and will only intensify our efforts, driven by a shared conviction: “Public spaces” aren’t self-evident domains; they’re territories worth fighting for.

The reason the Internet remains unfinished might not be due to our technology being too primitive. On the contrary, it might be too advanced. Yet, for the individuals it connects, the “true social network” has not yet emerged. Designing a robust social network, much like building a thriving city, is complex. We have to rely on insights from many different disciplines, whether it is urban planning or community organizing.

That is why we need to bring together the finest minds in decentralized social, engage in profound discussions, and craft the way forward, and why contributors to Matters Lab, Mask Network, and Social Layer are organizing ZuSocial Hacker House.

This event will foster discussions, bringing together pioneers, practitioners, and researchers from diverse thought spectrums to share insights and challenge norms. Additionally, we are opening the doors to 20 resident hackers, providing complimentary housing and workspace to facilitate team formation and active participation in discussions and hackathons.

ZuSocial Hacker House has four following tracks:

1. On-Chain Identity and Reputation.

How do we integrate the growing blockchain identity ecosystem into existing decentralized networks? Interested in designing the best solution for proof-of-humanhood?

2. Taking Web3 Social Networks to Users and Markets

In Web2, advertisement and subscription emerged as two major models, both with problems. With smart contracts, how do we redesign them, or invent alternatives?

3. Autonomous Social

What does the social landscape look like when AI copilots and LLMs level up our digital experience? What’s the role of human creators when contents are mostly generated by AIs?

4. All About Social Graph

Social graphs can be stored in p2p networks, federated networks or blockchain networks. What are their most suitable use cases, and can we combine them together?

Join us in Istanbul this November and be part of the change. Interested participants can apply at https://hackerhouse.social/

What is ZuConnect?

ZuConnect a two-week popup village in Istanbul where the luminaries of crypto, AI, governance, decentralized science, and culture coalesce. Here, the brightest minds convene to co-work, foster collaborations, and have fun together.

ZuConnect is an experience crafted with love by Zuzalu, whose mission is to foster a global network of communities to advance humanity by creating playgrounds at the intersection of free and open technology, science, health, and social innovation.